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Clarus QLink: EMF Protection Clarus products are unique and revolutionary devices specifically designed to counteract the electromagnetic pollution in our everyday environments.  They perform by generating a "clean" electromagnetic field, or, in the case of the Q-Link pendant, by enhancing our body's bio-electromagnetic field so that it can better withstand environmental stressors.

By creating a clear, subtle energy field (similar to that of meditation), these products can not only protect you from the harmful effects of EMFs, but enhance mental clarity, concentration, physical energy levels, and overall health as well.

Q-Link Pendants Available in Classic Acrylic, Silver or Gold.  Now in five colors!
 Q-Link EMF protection products, Pendants Cutting edge personal EMF protection.  The Q-Link is a pendant which, when worn, cleans and enhances your body's own bio-electric field, significantly improving its ability to withstand the stressful effects of man-made EMFs, wherever you go.

Classic is now available in white (shown), black, blue, orange and pink.

Q-Link Clear New! SRT-3 buttons for cellphones and appliances
Q-Link EMF protection products, Clear Just released!  Apply the Clear wellness button to your cell phone, MP3 player, hair dryer, iPad, tablet, etc. for emf protection on common household devices.
USB Port Devices Available in blue, white and black
Q-Link EMF protection products, Nimbus

Plug Nimbus in to any USB port or hub to effortlessly and instantly generate a 6' - 30' personal sphere of SRT.

A/C plug in adaptor available.

Books and Meters Related products
Learn more about EMFs, their effects, how to minimize your exposure and how to identify sources of high EMFs in your environment with books and meters from
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